The Endo-graphic

The Endo-graphic

What does this have to do with painting, animals, or conservation? Nothing. It's about raising awareness about a debilitating disease that does not get enough medical, or other, attention. (And it almost killed me. No exaggeration.)

Download this infographic for personal use only. Share it like crazy on social media, but be sure to give me credit. This was hard work. Not sure how to credit me? See below!

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UPDATE: This is the graphic that you're probably looking for, so here it is in an easy to share and attribute way!

Non-excision surgery (like a flamethrower) vs excision surgery (like a trowel). Copyright Sarah Soward 2017. Digital cartoon drawing of a flamethrower removing the top of a flower but leaving the roots below followed by a flower with the roots showing below the ground followed by a trowel carefully removing the flower's roots to remove the flower completely and forever.

You must credit me properly:

Detail image from "The Endo-Graphic" copyright Sarah Soward 2017

Derivative works also require credit:

This work is derived from "The Endo-Graphic" by Sarah Soward and her original image on ablation and excision. Copyright Sarah Soward 2017

To use this image for anything other than social media (your website, blog, academic papers) just ask me. If it's for educational purposes, I will say yes as long as you credit me appropriately!

You may not use any of my images or any part of my images or any work derived from (like copying or tracing/recoloring or screenshotting) my images for monetary or for-profit endeavors. Not sure? Contact me and we'll figure it out.

Now on to The Endo-Graphic!

Infographic about endometriosis

The Endometriosis March happens every March to raise awareness about Endo and to raise money for endo research. Bloomin' Uterus, my favorite Endo blog, raises funds for the Endometriosis Foundation of America. You can donate through the Bloomin' Uterus website and get some sweet, yellow swag

— or —

you can donate directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

— Also —

If you're interested in commercial use of my graphics (or art), please contact me about licensing options, high res files, and permission.

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