Due to Coronavirus related shelter-in-place directives, all physical shipments are/will be delayed for an unknown period of time.


  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 8

    The biggest reason why I'm not just taking photographs of myself and posting those to document my therapy-through-attire is because I'm notoriously camera-shy.
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 7

    The small parts of today involved website work and figuring out that the things I want don't match up with the way things work. So, I danced.
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 6

    Sunshine was definitely the highlight of today. Yeah, it peaked early.

  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 5

    Today, I got cozy. I got ready for cats and silliness and keeping my chin up, metaphorically and posture-ly. There's nothing ergonomic about using your great grandmother's hope chest as a drawing desk. I took a lot of breaks.
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 4

    I tried to set up my interim art space.
    I managed to bring home 3 bags of supplies from my art studio the night the shelter-in-place order was given. Even with so little to organize, this task feels huge.
    I got as far as touching my brushes. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll paint.
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 3

    I got out of bed. I put down my smart phone games. I took a shower and wracked my brain about what to do about my state of mind. And I remembered that I still have my first battle dress. 
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 2

    Going outdoors has been a struggle for a while, but I'm not here to talk about that today. The relief of people supposedly agreeing to stay 6 feet away is amazing. The reality of the social distancing in practice is not quite as awe-inspiring. We're doing what we're willing, and that is, at least, something. 
  • Sheltering-in-Place, Day 1

    During our collective, yet separated, attempts to get through the coronavirus pandemic, I'm learning how to use a new piece of digital drawing equipment. Luckily, I had it ordered and shipped to me weeks ago. I just gave it my first try today. It's a Huion drawing screen, a monitor that I can use a stylus directly on in order to digitally draw or paint. It's going to take a little getting used to, in a good way.
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