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Watusi Taurus, Original Painting

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Title: Watusi Taurus
Series: Starry Nights

Original acrylic painting by Sarah Soward.
Acrylic on canvas
12x16x1.5 inches

This painting features a Watusi bull emerging from the constellation, Taurus. 

Watusi Taurus is inspired by the Taurus constellation. This is a calming and regal presentation of Taurus. I love that while the horns of Watusi cattle seem overlarge and ostentatious, they aren't really. They serve a practical purpose. The enormous horns are used for cooling/temperature control for the Watusi. Biology and evolution are as fascinating as myth and astronomy! I love it!

The stars in this painting focus on the Taurus constellation. Additional astronomical entities are also included (because I love this stuff).

Please keep fine art and prints out of direct sunlight and UV light. 
The watermark is not present on the painting. It is included to protect the image on the web.


Acrylic on Canvas


12x16 inches

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