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Stephan, Rhino Limited Edition Print

Stephan, Rhino Limited Edition Print

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Archival limited edition print of Stephan by Sarah Soward. 

Who doesn't love the nubbly surface of a greater one horned rhino?
The model for this painting was Gauhati, with permission from the San Francisco Zoo. In real life, Gauhati rubs his horn down and requires assistance in horn maintenance from the humans who care for him at the zoo. He's a fun rhino to hang out near.

I once saw him do an ear twitch followed by a pirouette when he heard something fascinating. 3000+ pounds of rhino spinning that fast is beautiful.

I painted him like this to honor a friend of mine. Art is a great way to spread good.

Size(s) available: 7x5 inches

Edition size for 7x5: 100

Frames are not included as they are for display purposes only.

Prints will be shipped flat.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. These are printed on archival fine art paper with a matte finish. 

Please keep fine art and prints out of direct sunlight and UV light.