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Army of Me  8x10 Print

Army of Me 8x10 Print

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Archival limited edition print of Army of Me by Sarah Soward. Edition of 25.

The print is 8x10 inches and does not include a mat. 
Pen and stand not included.

This will be shipped in a stay flat mailer.

Army of Me is an homage to a huge bull elephant who engaged a stand off with our group's vans in Kenya. The sun was setting, and that meant the wildlife sanctuary we were visiting was closing. Everyone had to be out the gate by sunset to avoid getting fined—or worse. Between us and the exit were herds of elephants meandering across the road. I don't know if we got too close to a herd or just too close to this guy, but stomped to a halt in the road in front of us, postured, dared and threatened us by swinging his ears, tusks, and trunk. He swayed from side to side and occasionally rumbled or stomped at us. The sun kept getting lower. More elephants kept crossing behind him. He stood firm and there was nothing we could do about it—except take photos and laugh nervously.

Finally, all of the elephants behind him crossed the road. He gave one last head swing and trunk flare before putting his ears away and walking off the road after the others. There was a sliver of sun still visible when we sped out through the gates.

The colors used in this were inspired by that stand off. The African elephant was painted with the lilacs, purples, oranges, and russet colors of the sky. The blackness of night is slowly encroaching and only a small light patch remains.