Sunrise Flamingo, Limited Edition Print

Sunrise Flamingo, Limited Edition Print

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Archival limited edition print of 'Sunrise Flamingo by Sarah Soward. This piece started out as a painting of spindly-legged gazelle I photographed on my trip to Kenya. The composition was sadly lacking. So I took steps: I covered the gazelle in blobs of paint and then iced the panel like a cake with a painting knife. There was nothing left to do but carve out a flamingo and wait for the paint to dry.

It turned out quite well. The original is sold. Signed, limited edition prints are available.

One size available: 7x5 inches

This is available both with and without a mat.

Frames are not included as they are for display purposes only.

Edition size for 7x5: 100

Prints will be shipped flat.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. These are printed on archival fine art paper with a matte finish. 

Please keep fine art and prints out of direct sunlight and UV light.