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Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse eBook

Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse eBook

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Journey through the first hundred days of shelter-in-place through clever illustrations, relatable stories, and relevant social commentary delivered to your email inbox.

Written by Sarah Soward

Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse includes over 100 digital drawings and images and daily professionally edited blog-style journal entries.

Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse: Shelter-in-Place started out as a digital drawing journal on my blog to help keep my head above water when coronavirus lockdown began. It turned into a 100 day pandemic adventure. While my world burned, I wrote and made digital art cartoons about coping mechanisms, protective face masks, COVID (of course), Black Lives Matter, literal near-drowning, isolation, mental health, and my apocalypse wardrobe.

The best part is that it helped more than just me.

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"Sarah Soward's Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse is an amazing depiction of a young woman's journey through the management of depression during the pandemic. There's a creativity and playfulness about her choices to cope. Her skills as an illustrator brought me into her world in a way that made me want to put my arms around her beautiful heart. I found myself cheering for her abilities to cope, inspired by her courage to take on each day and so grateful for her transparency. Sarah put words to what so many endure in addition to these unpredictable times. This is a must read for hope and a special soul's determination to endure."
—Mary Twomey Odgers, Author of Six Funerals and a Wedding 
(Review is of the printed edition.)

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