How to Commission a Painting

All you have to do is contact to me to get the rhino rolling on your commission!

Art Commission Details 

  • A deposit is required before work begins 
  • Art will be shipped to you ready-to-hang
  • Prices include shipping for shipments within the continental U.S.

Commission Pricing

    Size in inches Deposit Amount Total Price USD
    8" x 10" $200 $400
    16" x 20" $800 $1600
    20" x 24" $1200 $2400
    24" x 36" $2160 $4320
    30" x 40" $2400 $4800
    36" x 36" $2592 $5184

    Commission Examples

    Three images, copyright Sarah Soward. A painting of a tiger, a painting of two magenta platypi, and a painting of two tardigrades where one is on a blue couch.

    From left to right, the paintings are Love, Gemini Platypi, and Olympia Tardigrade. Copyright Sarah Soward.