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Snoozing Sun Leopard, Original Painting
Snoozing Sun Leopard, Original Painting

Snoozing Sun Leopard, Original Painting

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Snoozing Sun Leopard

Series: Slumber Party
Medium: Gouache on paper

The model for this one is a tuckered out snow leopard. After I painted her yellow, I realized that I basically made her the color of a non-snow leopard. Oops! It's okay though, he bone structure, fluffiness, and enormous paw size let us all know that she is, in fact, not a jungle leopard.

Since she glows like the sun, I decided to call her a sun leopard.

Using a solid dark color with clean lines overlaid with translucent layers of flowing color is one of my favorite ways to paint animals that have stripes and/or spots. The resulting effect is a contemporary combination of art styles, graphic with painterly.

Dimensions of the art: 8x10 inches
Dimensions with mat: 11x14 inches

Would you like this framed?
I am happy to frame this piece for you for in either a black or white frame for an additional charge of $80. Let me know before or after you purchase that you would like it framed.

Please keep fine art and prints out of direct sunlight and UV light.