Sheltering-in-Place: Day 97

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 97

back view of a woman wearing a very floaty and flowy dark blue robe with white fake pictograms on it. She's walking in darkness, and that's okay. The text on the image reads  I've had enough today.

The text on the image reads

I've had enough today.

I'm pooped. Done in. Toast. Worn out. Whatevered to the maximum level of Generation X eye rolling ugh. I've had enough.

<Deleted rant about personal things that aren't actually that bad; I'm just cranky.>

Good things today include my favorite robe. It's extra flowy and kind of floaty, too. It was a gift, ages ago, from a friend I used to see at least a couple times a month before I moved too far away. I miss her and all her fuzzy, furry, fluffy, (usually) four-legged children. Every single time I put this robe on, I get to think of her and her posse of animals. It always helps, even when I don't think I need help. 

And it is hard to ask for help. It is hard to demand fairness. It is nearly impossible to voice ones concerns and refuse to let those concerns be trampled by someone else's. It's even closer to impossible when that someone else is an institution or seemingly amorphous "system". And, no, I'm not really talking about me anymore. I'm thinking out loud about the protesters, peaceful and otherwise. I'm not inclined to judge people's methods of protesting. I certainly do not know what works and what doesn't work to advance real change at a desirable rate. 

When public officials can't even get grown adults to wear any sort of face covering, what hope is there for meaningful and lasting policy change? My state's governor gave a briefing today that's worth watching. Here's a link. It looks like he's had enough, too. I don't really care if our reasons for it are the same. I'm glad he spoke out as much as he did.

I'm too cranky to be coherent today. I've had enough.

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