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Sheltering-in-Place: Day 96

The image is text-based. The text on the image reads  Black Lives Matter  Amplify Them  britneysymone.com  @brtnysymn

The text on the image reads

Black Lives Matter
“The past, present, and future of America is a war zone for black women and I want to create work that allows us to take comfort in our emotions and find solace with each other in our shared experiences.”
—Britney Symone


No, but, seriously, you have to go look at her work, and read what she has to say about it. 

The work on her site is portraiture of black women. It's strong, finely crafted, emotive, and ripe with purpose. Her use of symbolism is direct and effective. It's clear that she is dedicated to her craft, and she's using her craft to great purpose.

Have a lovely Tuesday!