Sheltering-in-Place: Day 90

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 90

Image of blurry representations of protesters in the distance holding signs that collectively say, Black Lives Matter. A banner overhead reads, Day 22 of Protests. The background is a blurry building front made of windows.

The text on the image reads

All Black Lives Matter


The protests keep going. They are happening today in New York City, NY, Elkhorn, VA, across Los Angeles County, CA, and in many other communities large and small.

Real change needs to happen. Signs of it are showing here and there. The people are not giving up.

Racism is bad.

Black Lives Matter.

All Black Lives Matter.

Police Brutality is real and needs to end.

I don't know how best to accomplish this. Many people with more knowledge on this topic and more appropriate skill sets are working on it. In my humble estimation, they are making progress.

Check out and for more information.

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