Sheltering-in-Place: Day 80

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 80

The text on the image reads, Black Lives Matter, Today is a day of learning for me. Wanna learn, too? A woman in a white skirt and black top reclines, reading info on her laptop.

The text on the image reads


Today is a day of learning for me.
Wanna learn, too?

I seem to have a recurring theme of, "If this middle aged white lady can do it, you can, too." Today is very much a part of that, and I really do believe it. And, also, too, in addition, it may very well be that you are much farther along in this process than I am. If so—YAY! Good Job! Keep it up! You're one of the people I'm inspired by. Thank you for the effort.

So... what's at the link? It's a list of resources in different formats so that white people and parents can self-educate on how to be anti-racist. If you aren't sure what anti-racist means, this list is a great place to start learning. You can also check out this explanation from The National Museum of African American History and Culture. It explains anti-racism and more much more thoroughly and eloquently than I am able.

If you aren't in the mood to visit the link in the image, no worries. Here are a few examples of items listed in the Google document.

Film: Just Mercy (Destin Daniel Cretton) 

Organization to Follow on Social Media: Audre Lorde Project: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook (If you've never read Audre Lorde's poetry, try that out, too.)

Book: Raising Our Hands by Jenna Arnold

Podcast: 1619 (New York Times)

Article: “Who Gets to Be Afraid in America?” by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi | Atlantic (May 12, 2020)

The above is a mostly random selection from the compiled list of resources linked above. I have not read, watched, or listened to everything on the list. There's a lot there, and there is so much more. Each of us does what we're able, one step at a time. My goal today is to learn while not letting myself get overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. 


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