Sheltering-in-Place: Day 66

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 66

Image of an invisible woman wearing a no-nonsense blue dress, blue and hot pink Fluevog shoes, a breathing mask, and sunglasses. Her shadow shows her to be waving or thumbs-upping or similar. The text on the image reads  The dress was in charge today.

The text on the image reads

The dress was in charge today.

I did what it said. I got things done. Part of the list for the last few days included getting ready to be in isolation (again) for a few days/a week so I can get my lil' medical thing done on Wednesday. Then it's back to regular shelter-in-place. I'm waiting to hear from the scheduler for the CODIV-19 test. Once that's done, I'm in isolation until however long my doctor says.

So, groceries were replenished. Laundry is handled. Technical difficulties are as managed as they can be. The car, which was a neglected, cobweb and minor tree debris covered mess, is now clean. Three cheers for drive-through car washes and attendants in masks.

Thumbs up for, "Your card went through."

Thumbs up for, "Your tires are lined up." 

Thumbs up for, "I read the sign and am putting my car in neutral." 

Thumbs up for, "We finished wiping the excess water off your vehicle, ma'am. You are clear to put your car in drive. Have a nice day!"

Thumbs up for, "Thanks! You, too!" 

We are all Fonzie now.


I am a little worn out today. I forgot clothing details! This dress is also a revisit. The last time I wore it was when I was getting my in-home temporary art studio set up and trying to paint with actual paint. My wedding ring stuff is floating on my invisible hand, with my medic alert bracelet below it. I try to remember to put it on when I go outside. It's harder now that I'm out so infrequently. The necklace is a marcasite locket that is still empty inside even though I've had it for over a decade. It was a gift from a coworker with a soul made of smoke and a backbone of fire. I really wish we were still in contact. She's a hell of a person, in the best of ways.

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