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Sheltering-in-Place: Day 59

A woman stands, defiantly pointing at a giant glowing maw above her. Her shirt reads, Happy to sashimi. Her sock reads, Stop Talking. The text on the image reads  The brain weasels will not win.

The text on the image reads

The brain weasels will not win.

They won't win because I won't let them. I am in charge of my mind, no matter what negativity tries to invade. The fight to maintain my calm is not always easy. This is why I have socks with flowers on them that say things like, "STOP TALKING," a festive tank top, a skirt that is functioning like a mental health comparison point, and this series of digital art pieces/COVID-19 journal thing. It all helps. 

There is a noticeable difference between the day I started this project—while wearing this skirt—and today. I've gotten better at using my digital drawing screen, glitches and all (I've got tech support helping on some things), and gotten better at, well, being me again. 

Brain weasels, by the way, is a term I learned from my friend, Kate. She is one of many inspirations to me for working through hard things. 

Quick sidenote, I finally looked at the tag in this skirt. I misremembered which skirt this was in my first entry. Check it out!

Image of the label on my skirt from the San Francisco Opera

The text on the image reads

SHOW: Death in Venice '97
CHARACTER: Strawberry Seller
NAME: Ms. Buchanan