Sheltering-in-Place: Day 57

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 57

You see the back upper body of a woman drawing in purple space. She's making line drawings of rhinos in glowing green. The text on the image reads  Remembering what I love. And then honoring it.

The text on the image reads

Remembering what I love.
And then honoring it.


I'm still working through some technical difficulties over here. It's a little extra stress in a globally stressful situation. I had my decaf. I worked on the problem again. I ate a little chocolate. I worked on the problem some more. I updated tech support and went back to Plan B. 

It's no big deal, really, but I felt the edge of my mood getting crinkly.

I will have none of that! 

So. Rhinos.

It's Endangered Species Day, apparently, and a good day for rhino drawings, however swift. The image has a roughly-to-scale drawing of each of the five species of rhinoceros still in existence on this flying ball of water and dirt. 

So, yeah, I love rhinos so much that I made a series of paintings trying to get others to love them, too. It's called Rhinotopia® and it isn't even half of all of the rhino art I've made. 

Today's dress is an art dress. I keep considering changing it into a skirt or, lately, into masks. But I wore it again, paint and all! So, well, never mind that, then. I got it at a fun shop on the Big Island called Jungle Love. They have a little bit of a lot of things (including some of my art and prints). I hear they're going to reopen soon. May they stay safe and healthy—and you, too!

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