Sheltering-in-Place: Day 55

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 55

A woman stands with her arms spread wide so you can see the full image of the tiger face on her rectilinear dress. She's standing on the arm of a gigantic tiger. It's okay because it isn't real; it's surrealism. The text on the image reads  Roar with me! Or knock something off a shelf. Tomato, tomäto.

The text on the image reads

Roar with me!
Or knock something off a shelf.*

Tomato, tomäto.

It's Tiger Dress Day! Which makes it Cat Day! I know it's Wednesday and not Caturday, but I'm doing what I can over here. Heh.

I'm tired today, so my roar face is maybe more of a prepared-to-yawn face. It's okay though, yawning is just another form of roaring. It's the intense proclamation of sleepiness, or just a need for more oxygen.

Regardless of my face, I'm proclaiming my territory. I'm here, and I'm gonna keep on being here.

More and more articles are coming across my field of view about the psychological impacts of sheltering-in-place and Safer at Home and whatever else this lockdown/quarantine/stay put/love your neighbor as much as yourself stuff is being called. I'm also seeing more friends mention that they're having a hard(er) time lately.

So, Tiger Dress is for you.

Other things that may help (What do I know? I'm not an expert. I'm just a compassionate bystander.) include this awesome list excerpted from an article on NPR:

  • Connect online
  • Adjust your medications if necessary
  • Seek teletherapy or group therapy
  • Make a safety plan
  • Develop a new routine
  • Seek financial help

The article goes into much more detail on each of these suggestions. There's no shame in seeking help. We all need a hand or a heart sometimes. I'm basically screaming into the vasty depths of the internet everyday when I write these posts and share my drawings. If I can risk that, then please consider taking whatever steps you are most comfortable with to maintain as much of your mental health as you can. I know the siren song of the oubliette. It's hard to escape. It's worth trying. <3

P.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (United States)


And an internet search for Suicide Prevention should get you a number for your country if you're reading this and are not in the United States.

Be well, my kittens!

*Disclaimer: I'm not literally telling you to knock things off a shelf. I'm just kidding.

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