Sheltering-in-Place: Day 54

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 54

A woman wearing a plague doctor style half mask is spinning a parasol. It looks like parasol tops are flying off of her spinning one. The text on the image reads  I took a brief walk. People kept more distance than usual. It must have been the parasol.

The text on the image reads

I took a brief walk. People kept more distance than usual.
It must have been the parasol.


Oh, to be a goth in the '90s and early '00s! It was heavy work, wearing those clothes. I didn't really wear a lot of them, though. I was more interested in dancing than anything else when I got myself all gothed up. This heavy, weighted down by beads and not-actually-sharp-things and chain-too-weak-to-lift-a-book skirt is still kicking around. The dangly bits have been added to and edited over the years. I learned early on that even though it looks cool to have the detachable drape-y things go around my legs, it makes things like sitting uncomfortable and walking cumbersome. So, no more of that. It's enough that it makes the noise of a half dozen clanking ghosts. I don't need to actually constrain myself.

The mask is a plague doctor style half-mask that I made the other day from scrap fabric. The fabric looks quilted, even though it isn't. I stuck a fake yellow plumeria in it to make it less scary. I don't think it worked, but I like it. For years, yellow was a color I used for sadness. It's now a color I use for healing, health, and other positive things. It made sense to put a symbol of healing in a mask like this. 

If anyone is concerned that the mask isn't protecting the people around me, be calm my friends! Yes, there are eyelets I hand sewed into the bottom of it so I can get fresh air easier—but it's an over-mask. I made it large enough to cover less decorative and more functional masks. Today's test drive was good. I might need one more eyelet, though, to get more air inside. 

That lovely parasol was a wedding present from a dear friend. She was one of the Best People at our wedding and surprised me with the parasol the morning of the ceremony. It's painted with cherry blossoms and is shaped like a flower. I don't use it as often as I would like. It always makes me happy when I do, though.

That's what so much of my focus is on through this: finding ways to create and maintain happiness. I know that I used to do this out of hand, without effort or thought. I didn't realize how much of what I did or how many small choices I made throughout a day fed into creating or maintaining joy.

It was a pleasure to be outside today. It was a pleasure to have people do a double take (of the parasol?) and move even further away. It was wonderful to wear things that make me feel silly and happy and ridiculous and safe. I wish everyone would take each other's physical distance as seriously as mine was taken today. 

Photo of the plague doctor half mask I made, complete with beak shape and yellow plumeria. It's on an art table, so lots of messy paint beneath it.


I received enough interest in the pattern for my plague doctor half-mask that I did what I was able to make a pattern to share. It's my first attempt at making a pattern for others to use. I'm a novice at sewing, so please keep this in mind. :)

I made a digital download of the pattern available here for free. The checkout process requires an address, in part to make sure you're human (I guess?), but nothing will be mailed to you. Instead, you will get a digital download of the pattern in your email, and also available at check out, once check out has processed.

Thank you for your patience with my learning curve!

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