Sheltering-in-Place: Day 53

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 53

 A woman in a black dress wearing a road runner necklace, stands on a highway that has gone all catawampus behind her and probably in front of her, too. The text on the image reads, Everything is different now.

The text on the image reads

Everything is different now.

Lockdown restrictions are being eased. It's tempting to go outside and run a little amok. It isn't responsible, though; and it certainly isn't compassionate. So, our new routine here isn't changing much yet. We're waiting to see how much the curve goes up again before we get excited. We're listening to experts. We're waiting it out. 

That said, I have another trip to the pharmacy coming up, so I will be out and about soon. I'm considering when and how to go about actively selling prints on line again. I have enough packaging to start that, and it would require little or no human interaction at the post office. I'm still unsure about shipping paintings because of how much interaction is usually involved in that process. I'm considering making these daily drawings into printables because there have been requests for that and for turning this digital journal into a book. I'm a non-essential business owner trying to figure out what is ethical and reasonable and safe.

My dress is simple and easy and more comfortable than I remember, much like I would like life to be. My necklace was a gift from my great grandfather. My great grandmother wore it often in my memories of her. They are good memories.

The necklace is a roadrunner. I haven't done any research on the real animals, so my thoughts on roadrunners all come from cartoons where the Road Runner outwits or outruns Wile E. Coyote's best machinations. It was funny. It was also a series of lessons on how money doesn't outsmart wit, buy happiness, or have much meaning at all, really. How much money did Mr. Coyote spend on all that ACME stuff, anyway? If he could procure 15 anvils, then why not a salad?

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