Sheltering-in-Place: Day 51

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 51

A woman moves, her sparkling golden dress swirling around her. She might be dancing. She's glowing in and with her dress. She's coming out of darkness, riding a giant golden bubble. The text on the image reads  It feels like the darkness is farther away now.

The text on the image reads

It feels like the darkness is farther away now.

I'm almost all the way through my closet. My husband and I are past the 50 day mark. Governments are making all kinds of decisions. Conspiracy theories are running rampant. We still have enough food. We still have each other and you. 

There will never be a time when things are not hard. That is something I accept. There will be good moments that last. I accept that, too, and welcome it. 

I don't expect that the rest of the pandemic will be the same as it is today. I plan to keep drawing and doing whatever else I can to maintain my health in all its forms as life continues to shift. I'm going to keep trying to shift with it. It seems the best way to grow.

This dress. THIS DRESS. I can't even tell you about this dress. I love it so much. I walked past it over and over again because I was sure it wouldn't fit. I was positive I didn't deserve it. I knew I wasn't good enough to try it on, much less invite it home to live with me. 

But then. 

But then, on the way to the dressing room with my armload of other dresses that were not as wonderful, I walked past this dress one more time. I swear it sang to me.

I stopped like someone slapped me, looked furtively around, and added it to my stack. I put it carefully in the middle, hoping no one would notice I picked up something so ornate and so beautiful and so... perfect. 

That was years ago. I'm better with myself now. I learned a lot from buying and wearing and owning this dress.

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