Sheltering-in-place: Day 50

Sheltering-in-place: Day 50

A woman with her hairpin pigtails waves in the middle of geometric shapes that could be a city or a trap or just some blocks of color. It's up to you. The text on the image reads  Today is almost not brought to you by technical difficulties.  I persevered. Hi!

The text on the image reads

Today is almost not brought to you by technical difficulties.

I persevered. Hi!

I dreamed about going to space last night. It was okay. The whole point of the mission was to see what glitter would do in a gravity-less environment. Once up there, I decided it was too risky and couldn't figure out why anyone would go to this much expense and endanger lives for something so obvious—and I didn't even have any safeguards except the choice to not do it. Can you imagine all those teeny plastic and/or metallic rectangles floating themselves into equipment, up noses, attaching to wiring? I mean, we all know how easily glitter spreads and how long it lingers without the added benefit of weightlessness. I've moved 6 times, and, sometimes, there's still glitter. Then I thought about what a sneeze would be like in the International Space Station. 

Thankfully, I was abruptly awoken by sanitation workers before the dream got gross. Three cheers for trash day!

Since my mind was already thinking of other worlds, I pulled out one of my Dungeons & Dragons shirts today. It's one I designed to give to our GM (game master) and a few of us had one made for ourselves, too. It's a take on a tour shirt for a band. The front has our group's unofficial logo for our last campaign. The back has our campaign dates along with a list of all our members through the course of the campaign. It's nerdilicious. 

I have no idea when we're going to be able to world build together again, but I'm looking forward to it. It's one of the things that keeps me motivated to do this, to get dressed every day, to maintain my mood, to try. If I'm tired, I still draw. If my computer overheats, I take breaks and still draw. If my drawing screen refuses to work properly, I roll my eyes, sigh deeply, and persevere with whatever other tools won't hurt me. I keep fighting, even though I don't always win, even though I get overwhelmed, even though I sometimes freeze or cry, even though there isn't an end date to this.

So, there's that, and a comfortable skirt to boot.

Did I mention that my socks depict a comical alien abduction? Not yet? Oh.


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