Sheltering-in-place: Day 48

Sheltering-in-place: Day 48

A woman stands on a green flower. Her skirt is the same color, made up of the same flowers. The flowers on her skirt are multiplying and flying away. The are more of her on the flower fading into the distance. The text on the image reads, There's so much talk of reopening.

The text on the image reads

There's so much talk of reopening.

COVID-19 is not only potentially deadly, it is also potentially debilitating. I know some of what debilitating illness can be. Enduring more of that is not on my to-do list, neither is dying. Being the possible, even if accidental, cause of that for someone else is at least equally untenable.

I may stay inside longer than someone else chooses for themselves. I may wear a mask longer than recommended. I don't know yet. I'm working out ways to change my art business so that I can still have an art business without risking either you or me. 

To change the subject, I made the skirt myself. It has appliqué flowers on it. I added five bees. It's poofy. It's really poofy. I'll be finding more reasons to wear it in the future whether I stay inside or not. It makes me feel like an upside down tree, sending my roots to the sky, while I wear the sun on my feet. 

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