Sheltering-in-Place: Day 44

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 44

A confused and possibly disgruntled looking woman stands with her hands holding out the sides of her dress. It's oddly shaped like a kite. Her socks have polka dots on them. The text on the image reads  What am I wearing? Why do I own this?

The text on the image reads

What am I wearing?
Why do I own this?


Over the years, I've gotten better at not buying things that I won't wear and/or don't even understand. I don't understand this dress. I remember the day I bought it. It was a bad day. I just wanted to feel better. So, I reached into a bargain bin at some random store and pulled out the prettiest shade of blue on the smoothest feeling fabric.

I was delighted!

And then I tried to try it on.

I mean, it fit(s). It took me three attempts to get my head through the correct hole. The back of this thing is a confusing and disorganized collection of straps with dangling balls on their ends. This makes it sounds like there are 37 straps. There aren't. There are four. I couldn't figure out four straps on the first try. This speaks volumes of either my state of mind or of the state of dress design in this century... or both. 

Anyway, I figure my options are to turn it into either a kite or a skirt. While a kite would be easier to make, I'll get more use out of a skirt.

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