Sheltering-in-Place: Day 33

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 33

A woman with a face mask on stands on a speckled and uneven floor holding a line to something off the image--it's the laundry basket. The text on the image reads  Laundry day is now more exciting than I ever wanted.

The text on the image reads

Laundry day is now more exciting than I ever wanted.

There have been very few times in my adult life that I have had the luxury of having a washer and dryer inside my living space. It isn't going to happen again anytime soon. Usually, it's no big deal. This isn't a usual time. There's no way to change any of this. So, I cope. 

Right now, coping involves my trusty repurposed face mask. (Thanks, Husband!) It also involves taking my shoes off right away when I pull my rolling laundry basket back inside. I don't know how much sense it makes, since the wheels on the basket were all the places my shoes were, but it makes me feel better. So, I do it. I also empty it as much as possible by the door. This way, when I remember, I can just pick it up and carry it while empty back to where it lives. No dirty wheels on our clean enough floors, you know? Again, I don't know how much it matters, but it makes me feel better. So, I do it. 

Things like trips to the pharmacy and down to the laundry machines make it really clear that—for me—one of the most important parts of taking care of myself through this is managing the weird stresses of it. My husband and I deal with it differently, just like everyone else deals and reacts differently, probably, too. 

The clothes stuff! Right!

I knew today would be a little taxing, so I planned for it. I have bee socks on, and I think they're the last pair of bee socks I have to share. My necklace is a flower, and the earrings that aren't visible are butterflies. Industrious, beautiful things to help me be industrious and make my pretty clothes clean again. Or something. I dunno. The Husband convinced me to buy the shirt. The skirt is second hand Banana Republic that I was convinced wouldn't fit because of the number on the tag. But, well, it fits! I swear, women's clothing is a mix of insults and the ridiculous. At least, some of it makes me feel good. My dream is that someday more of it will be comfortable and adequately pocketful.  


Laundry day, for me, is now an exercise in stress management and remembering what order to take what on or off/wash hands/empty basket/do the hokey-pokey. And it's just laundry. All my love to the peeps who are working day in and day out right now, regularly risking COVID-19. May you and all your loved ones be contagion-free!

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