Sheltering in Place: Day 31

Sheltering in Place: Day 31

Woman falling onto water, one foot just touching the surface. The text reads,There is a moment When you first hit the surface It seems like time stops

The text on the image reads

There is a moment
When you first hit the surface
It seems like time stops

For most of my youth, I tended to plunge headlong/feet first/whatever looked fun into water. I've nearly drowned enough times now that I've finally learned caution. But I'm not going to talk about caution today.

I'm going to talk about that single, full moment when either water hits you or you hit water and it doesn't feel wet yet. It feels like pressure, maybe impact if one or both of you are moving fast enough. Sometimes it feels like it's moving away. It's not exactly like it's making room for you; but, at the same time, it can feel like it's inviting you in. I want that moment in my mind.

That fraction of time when the surface tension isn't quite broken and everything seems awkwardly possible is one of my favorite places in time. It's why I find water calming and love living near it. It's full of so many instances of potential.

Speaking of potential, today's colorful ensemble is inspired by my youthful goblin paladin from our last Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Yes, D&D again. I can't help myself. It's fun. She was full of potential, among other things—like flowers, spontaneity, spit-n-vinegar, bold color choices, and pigtails. 

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