Sheltering-in-Place: Day 214

Sheltering-in-Place: Day 214

Two weasels, one purple and one magenta, pop their heads out of a of a fluffy cloud as they float through a blue sky. The text on the image reads, Day 214 of ? Shelter in Place 2020, The brain weasels will not win.
The text on the image reads

Day 214 of (?): Shelter-in-Place 2020
The brain weasels will not win.


Haramore and Patadon made another appearance today. This is not uncommon. They visit me frequently, I just don't talk about them often. I really needed them to be on their way, though, so this drawing happened.

I drew them out of my brain and popped them into a fluffy cloud that I could theoretically blow away into an ever more distant sky. The plan was solid. The end result was reasonable. The weasels are quieter, squeaking in the distance now about how my writing isn't good enough and there's no way a book was a good use of my time and where do I get off trying to be digital artist now too and so on. 

Each deep cleansing breath in gets followed by an equally revitalizing exhalation that pushes their cloud-perch just a little farther away. Good-bye brain weasels! Enjoy the ride! I have things to do. 

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