Roar: Tiger in Profile wins an art award!

Roar: Tiger in Profile wins an art award!

Painting of a tiger in profile in stark contrast and chiaroscuro light. The tiger is roaring. Image copyright Sarah Soward.

It is always exciting to be the recipient of an art award. I am grateful and motivated! Thank you to Camelback Gallery for hosting this event and championing art of so many different genres.

Roar, Tiger in Profile won a Silver Award at the Artist Invitational 2022 exhibition at Camelback Gallery! The painting is 12x12 inches, oil on panel. The original painting sold. Prints are available.

I finished this painting during my extended lockdown phase of the pandemic. It kept me focused, gave me strength, and portrays the determination of my hope for a better future. We are making our way out of darkness.

Be well everyone!

Award Certificate for Sarah Soward's painting, Roar, Tiger in Profile
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