My Painting is in Ghost Gallery's Coral Conservation Exhibition

My Painting is in Ghost Gallery's Coral Conservation Exhibition


Date: March 10 - April 11, 2023
Opening Reception: March 10, 2023
Location: Ghost Gallery
Address: 600 Pine St Suite 253 Seattle WA 98101
Acroporous Rudis Coral, oil painting by Sarah Soward of tan and pale ochre coral colony with stretching arms against a deep purple background.

Acropora Rudis Coral, a painting I just finished, is accepted into Ghost Gallery's upcoming show on coral conservation! 

I believe this is the first coral colony I've painted, aside from making dioramas for fun as a child. It was freeing and fun to paint one of these underwater animals. I'd forgotten what it was like to not take musculature and bony processes into account. I may paint more endangered corals.

From NOAA Fisheries, "Acropora rudis is a species of coral likely found in the central and eastern Indian Ocean from the Maldives to the western-most portion of Indonesia...Acropora rudis forms colonies made up by many individual polyps that grow together...Acropora rudis gets food from photosynthetic algae that live inside the coral's cells. It also feeds by capturing plankton with its polyp’s tentacles."

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