My Art is Going to the Moon

My Art is Going to the Moon

Left side of the image shows the painting, Luna, by Sarah Soward. The painting features three rhinos representing the waxing, full, and waning moon against a dark background. The left side of the image has the seal of the Lunar Codex project, showing an image of the moon with the text, Lunar Codex, and other official language.

With Artemis' launch last night, my excitement about the LUNAR CODEX exploded. Again.

My work is part of payload GM1, going to the moon with the Astrobotic Griffin Mission 1 to the Lunar South Pole (The Polaris Collection). I believe this one is currently scheduled for 2024!

The first part of the LUNAR CODEX project is on Artemis. It's the founder's work to orbit with Artemis, if I'm understanding the details correctly.

Each payload of the LUNAR CODEX is a digital time capsule of art in various forms, including painting, video, writing, and I'm not sure what else. All work was curated into the project. My work, Luna, was curated in by Era Contemporary and the physical painting is in their Legends of the Moon exhibition coming up in December.

LUNA is going to the MOOOOON!

For more information on this incredible project, check out the Legends of the Moon exhibition details and the LUNAR CODEX website.

The original painting is for sale through Era Contemporary (see link above).
Prints of Luna are available here


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