Written December 20, 2015

This beautiful and fiery woman falls outside all chronology. She wouldn't really want a fuss made about her, so I will attempt to keep this brief.

This woman, a firebrand standing not quite five feet tall, was my grandmother. She passed away this year.

I've never seen anyone so determined, correct, and authoritative. So certain! She was passionate about everything from her bread baking to how high the thermostat should go. Her love was ferocious.

From her, I learned how to work until the work was done. I learned the type of stubbornness it takes to hide 10 rhinos in a banyan tree, animate an explanation of a union deal using sound effects and a backhoe, and hack back the jungle with a weedwacker and a scythe all in the space of a day—while doing laundry and, hopefully, not burning cookies.

To avoid waxing too rhapsodic, I will cut this here: It doesn't matter if Camus was right; I'm too stubborn to stop—and L.M. gets the credit for it.

The featured image for his post is Hot Lava copyright Sarah Soward.

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