I'm ready to be excited again

Carmine Rhino, copyright Sarah Soward 2021. She's pink. She's bold. She's happily raising her head as she walks toward you.

Once upon a time, I worked at a chocolate factory. Part of my job was giving tours of the factory. I got to taste test just about everything that wouldn't hurt me so that I could give the best descriptions possible.

One bar still haunts my food-allergenated-daydreams. It was solid dark chocolate with cacao nibs in it. The first batches were made by hand instead of in the melanger. This made for a greater diversity in the size and distribution of cacao nibs. It also made for a pleasantly grittier sugar experience. The difference in size of the nibs was particularly delicious. It created a variety in flavor impacts as well as texture. To eat a bite of that bar was to taste cacao-born explosions of fruit, berries, and sunshine wrapped in silky dark chocolate coffee notes broken on the shoulders of sugar crystals.

Those first batches were so confoundingly delicious that I would sometimes work myself into such a frenzy of exposition during a tour that I'd pull out a chair, kick off my shoes, and lunge up to deliver the rest of my nib-praising speech.

I'm ready to be that excited again.