I'm in the Main Gallery!

I'm in the Main Gallery!

I did it! I finally got all my ducks in a row and am in the Main Gallery at Desert Art Center! YAY!

I'm thrilled about this because it's a great location, everyone I've met there (artists and collectors) are fabulous, and it has a positive and historic reputation in the area.

My work will have a spot or three on the wall for years to come! AND I get to have a collection of work in the flip stacks (also called art bins). So expect to find my larger prints and unframed gouache pieces in there!

I'm starting out with Starry Nights, elephant prints, and Tiny Birds. 

Paintings from my Starry Nights Series

(Above: Images of my Starry Nights series now at Desert Art Center)

Detail images of Tiny Birds paintings by Sarah Soward

(Above: Detail images of my Tiny Birds series now at Desert Art Center)

Main Gallery
Desert Art Center
550 N Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs CA

If you're interested in one of my pieces at the gallery but can't make it there, let me know! I'm happy to help.

As always, I'm maintaining a robust social media presence to make sure you are all in the loop and able to see my work no matter where you are in the world. You come first!

If you're not up for seeking me out, join my eNewletter mailing list for less frequent updates. I usually only send 1-2 emails a month. 



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