I am Made of Glitter of Sorrow

I am Made of Glitter of Sorrow

This is the kind of pep talk every artist needs! Mine is the text in the blue, lol. 

The image reads:

Ashli Kingfisher: You will sprinkle your magic on it.
Ashli Kingfisher: give it just the right oomph
Me: I am made of glitter of sorrow lol
Ashli Kingfisher: LOOOL is that your mission statement?

While that isn't my mission statement, I'll consider adding it to my artist bio or at least one artist statement. It's already the foundation for a few sketches for paintings as of this morning. So there may be a Glitter of Sorrow TM collection in the near future.

The Art Thoughts:

I try to make meaningful work most of the time. When painting animals, it's hard to make art that isn't meaningful. Sometimes that meaning is emotional, didactic, philosophical, or something else. Much of it falls into the "something else category" because I like to cross so many different barriers between concepts or fields of interest. I have a series called Rhino Moons, for goodness sake! And my Stellae Errantes/Wandering Stars series is elephants, mythology (or active spirituality depending on your perspective), and astronomy combines with color theory and my sense of humor/poignancy. 

So yes. I think maybe that balance of serious concepts and Surrealism with The Ridiculous that Makes Sense to Me is aptly summed up with, "I am made of glitter of sorrow lol."

The Thinky Thoughts:

It's also a solid description of how I phrase my life and maintain perspective. I tend to search out and hold onto silver linings as if my life depends on them. There have been times when that didn't seem like a hyperbole.

Even the sad things are shiny. Even what makes the day hardest to face can have beauty and significance that outweigh suffering. It's that thing where darkness makes the light seem brighter.

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