Kennedy Grace Gallery Art Opening

Kennedy Grace Gallery Art Opening

Sarah Soward and Rebecca Ney are having a several month long art show courtesy of Kennedy Grace Gallery. The exhibition opens on February 8, 2020.

Art Show flyer for Sarah Soward and Rebecca Ney at District Wine with images of a rhino painting and a leopard photograph

Painting featured in the bottom panel is a detail of Family. 30x24 inches on canvas. Copyright Sarah Soward.

District Wine
144 Linden Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Organized by Kennedy Grace Gallery, the show features photography by Rebecca Ney as well as a large selection of my paintings. Artwork can be viewed remotely on the gallery's Artsy page.

The exhibition has a varied collection of Sarah Soward's Rhinotopia® paintings for sale, Stellae Errantes (Wandering Stars) elephant paintings, as well as a selection of wildlife paintings. Sarah's oil paintings in the exhibition range in size from 6x6 inches to 36x36 inches.

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