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Self-Portraits of the Apocalypse

Sheltering-in-Place: 2020

I spent the first 100 days of my area's shelter-in-place (SiP) order making a digital drawing a day, give or take, and a blog post to go along with the art. It kept me making art. It kept me thinking. It kept me posting things on social media as a way to reach out and communicate. It also helped to keep me, I dunno, sane (?) through all of this weirdness that is the United States' disunited response to the coronapocalypse.

In order to keep things organized and easy to find in the future, here's a list that links to each of the blog entries.


There are additional Sheltering-in-Place blog posts as well. If you'd like to see the whole shebang, this link directs you to everything tagged "Sheltering-in-Place".