California Condor Collaboration piece by Sarah Soward and Ashli Sisk


Upcoming Exhibitions

The Contralateral Eye

Cafe Buunni
213 Pinehurst Ave.
New York, NY

Hours: Mon–Fri, 7am–6:30pm
Sat–Sun, 7:30am–6:30pm

October 2016

The exhibition is an artistic collaboration between conservation artists Ashli Sisk and Sarah Soward.

Like the contralateral eyes of so many animals piece together opposite sides of their surrounding world to create one visual picture of their environment, Ashli Sisk and Sarah Soward collaborated from opposite sides of the country to generate unified visual representations of various endangered and threatened species.

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Sarah Soward is an artist with a rather profound love of rhinos. In addition to painting rhinos (and many other subjects), she draws, designs print and web collateral, and taught design and development for the last decade. Soward coauthored the WordPress and Flash Cookbook published by Packt Publishing. She was also a technical editor on the HTML5 for Mobile Devices cookbook published by Packt Publishing. She likes to say that she prefers to use her whole brain. More design and development information can be found in her design portfolio.


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image of Suci Rhino by Sarah Soward