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Web Design

Foxy Rocket, LLC

 Foxy Rocket contracted for website design and development for both desktop and mobile deployment. This was a complete site overhaul in preparation for release of the Volcano Updates app, hence all the lava and volcano photos. Work included 301 redirects and SEO consultation and implementation. Logo design for Foxy Rocket, LLC, app icon creation, and app user experience consultation were also part of the contract.

The following pages of the website maintain the overall look of the client's brand but the graphics are more specific to the apps in question: Volcano Updates and a washing machine timer.


Foxy Rocket

Foxy Rocket

Foxy Rocket Foxy Rocket mobile screenshot


Dessert Cafe

Dessert Cafe home page full size

Design and coding of Dessert Cafe website. The focus was on making something simple, elegant, and responsive with only HTML and CSS.

Dessert Cafe page full size

Dessert Cafe site, tabletDessert Cafe site, mobile

As is standard for this day and age in web design, three separate layouts were created and coded in order to generate the best results for the client: desktop, tablet, and smart phone layouts.


Rachel Warner, Contralto

Rachel Warner personal site

Preliminary design for Rachel Warner's promo page, minimal and yet complete with three layouts.


Rose Adare

Rose Adare art site

Rose Adare contracted for website redesign, collateral management, consultation, and OpenCart implementation.

Adare's main request was simplicity with a touch of bling. She requested an elegant website with Web 2.0 tricks that would eventually be turned over to her for editing. This was also an exercise in balancing file size with image quality. Image quality remains the priority for this client.

Adare Opencart

A rotating slideshow, CSS rollovers, iframes, Lightbox, and calendar integration are implemented on the main website. The OpenCart shopping cart incorporates variations on Adare's branding and maintains the clean aesthetic she prefers. It was requested that the cart be set up and then turned over to the client for additions of descriptions, tags, and the like.


Web Development:

Salesforce Foundation

Salesforce Foundation header design

Salesforce Foundation excerpt from style guide

Front end HTML and CSS code and modified javascript plugins delivered for implementation on

Designs were cemented in one of the best style guides (by 17FEET) I've ever seen. It was one of the most complete and more in depth projects I translated into validated code. Backwards compatibility was requested and delivered to IE7.

Salesforce Foundation excerpt from style guide

Marjorie Liu

Marjorie Liu home page

Website update for Marjorie Liu. Design by Ilsa Brink. The main website is intentionally designed to have a different look, feel, and user experience from the blog section of the website.

This project involved a complete recode and unification of Marjorie Liu's multiple existing blogs/websites into one WordPress site. HTML, CSS, PHP, and plugin modification were used.

Marjorie Liu blog

Of my own accord, I made the website mobile-friendly. This required very few design modifications due to Ilsa Brink's excellent design.

Marjorie Liu Mobile home pageMarjorie Liu mobile blog page


Rena Bransten Gallery

Rena Bransten Gallery

Website update for Rena Bransten Gallery including code revisions, minimal design edits, and development of mobile site.

Due to the structure of the website at the time, I ended up working on over 3,500 HTML files. It was pretty great.

Central City Extra

Central City Extra

Consultation and development for the Central City Extra online newspaper. Website developed using WordPress and modifying a theme from WooThemes.

Janell Harris

Janell Harris production portfolio

Website update for Janell Harris' video and motion graphics work. Implementation of a version of a lighbox for displaying her video portfolio and updating her code for the overall website. Design by Janell Harris.

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