Stellae Errantes: Astronomy Meets Myth Elephant paintings by Sarah Soward

Venus Rising painting of a pink elephant copyright Sarah Soward 2015

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Venus Rising

Status: Available
Location: Celebration Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA
Contact for appointment: 619-238-9111
Dimensions: 36x36 inches
Medium: Oil on canvas
Inspiration: Venus, Roman deity and planet

She’s happy and playful and at the top of a cloud surface (rather than the top of frothing ocean waves at the seashore as many representations of Venus as a woman depict) and fantastically, femininely pink. Soward decided that with the planet Venus’ cloudy atmosphere being so thick, a mythological representation of a goddess of love in elephant form standing atop clouds would make sense. The wrinkles of the elephant’s skin are heavily pronounced based on inspiration from the photograph the Venera 9 probe sent back from the surface of the planet in the 1970s. And later radar imaging from orbit is even more exciting if volcanoes are your thing.

The elephant is reaching up toward the sun in homage to the planet’s nicknames, the Evening Star and the Morning Star, and due to the planet’s proximity to the sun in our view of the sky. Also of note, is that a day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus. I made sure to bathe the elephant in light.

Sol Invictus thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Mercury thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Venus Rhising thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Terra Mater thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Mars Gradivus thumbnail Copuright Sarah Soward
Jupiter thumbnail coyright Sarah Soward
Saturn thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Urnaus thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Neptune thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015