Stellae Errantes: Astronomy Meets Myth Elephant paintings by Sarah Soward

Jupiter painting of a partial colorful yellow and windy elephant copyright Sarah Soward 2015

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Status: Available
Location: Hype gallery, San Diego, CA
Contact for appointment: Sarah Soward 415-312-6868
Dimensions: 36x36 inches
Medium: Oil on canvas
Inspiration: Jupiter, Roman deity and planet

Jupiter needed to be huge, like the planet and like the ruler of Roman gods. After painting Mars (and just before Saturn) Soward needed a kinder, gentler Jupiter. So, she made much of the elephant more on the pastel and lightly vibrant side of her color world rather than harshly deep sepias and Prussian blues. While those hues are present in the painting, they aren’t quite in the majority.

Soward played with the idea of the planet's banding in the treatment of the elephant’s wrinkles. She gave us a bit of calm in the subtle tusk, and let the gas giant blow around a bit on this African elephant’s large ear. There are a fair number of semi-transparent layers of paint in this elephantine representation of a gas giant. And when Soward chose her less than strictly planet-like colors, she leaned toward yellows and flaming oranges because the theory that if Jupiter, the planet, would have been bigger it would have/could have been a second sun really makes the artist rather happy. It also works out well with her choice of blue hues since Jupiter, the Roman god, was a sky god.

Sol Invictus thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Mercury thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Venus Rhising thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Terra Mater thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Mars Gradivus thumbnail Copuright Sarah Soward
Jupiter thumbnail coyright Sarah Soward
Saturn thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Urnaus thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015
Neptune thumbnail copyright Sarah Soward 2015